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Central Texas #1 Consignment Auction
Owner Operated        Auctioneer - Otho King   Tx 11834
Operating hours: Mon, Wed - Fri 11am - 6pm ( closed Sat, Sun + Tues )
Located in Kempner right on Hwy 190
Partial Estate AUCTION
July 28th 2007  7PM


Welcome to our web site!
This is an information site for our local Auctions....not an actual bid site
Our auctions are the 2nd & 4th Saturday of every month. Consigners fill our building and we figured this web site would be a great way for our customers to preview some of the items coming up.  Keep in mind this site isnt usually updated till the Thursday night before the auction, as we receive many late arrivals.  Read on and you'll learn a little about us.  We'll expand and add on to this site as time goes by and comments come in.

On our Inventory List page you'll find all kinds of merchandise.  Like furniture, glassware, electronics, collectables, knick knacks and more.  Whatever's brought in, thats what we'll sell.   We've also included a few pages of photo's.  We wish we could list more, but if we did that, we wouldnt have the time to get the auction ready for you.   So we only list major items or items we felt would be of great interest. 
Sorry to say you'll have to come see us to get in on all the great deals. To make sure we have everything set out to see, its best if you stop in during the day of the auction.  Wouldn't want you to miss something that we hadn't unboxed yet.  We have an AS IS policy, so we want you to be able to look over items carefully before the auction. 
Not only does the inside and outside of the building fill with merchandise, it also fills with buyers on auction night.  Can get a little crowded at times.  We do have a reserved seating program.  Give us till the Thursday before the auction before calling in for reservations.  That way you got a better idea if your gonna make it.  Seats are only held till we start selling inside the building.  Then we open them up for stragglers.  Dont want you mad at us, so dont be late.
Like we said, we're a consignment auction.  So if you got items ( or even a whole estate ) you'd like us to sell,  feel free to contact us.  Either call us, stop by, or use the comments form below to get some of your questions answered.  That also goes for the rest of you.  Want to ask us something, comment on our site, or just want to say hello..... use the form below.  Of course its only the next best thing to seeing you in person.
Now that we've yaked your ear off, and hopefully given you all the information you need....Have fun viewing our site.

We dont photograph well, but thought you'd like to see who your dealing with.


Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for upcoming auction reminders 

You can e-mail us at the link below

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OK Corral Auction    Kempner Tx     512-932-3660